Rebeca today’s number one Latina Pornstar!

She is the Ava Devine of the modern ages, not that Ava is antique, but if I started talking about Latina porn 12 years ago her name would shoot up for first, therefore in these modern days, in 2015 when we talk about Latina pornstars then Rebeca Linares name pops up the first practically everywhere on the planet. There should be a good reason to why she is so popular in Latin America but not only, as I said she is famous worldwide. It’s rather hard to explain in detail why and that’s why I posted a photograph of her, as you can see below there is also some detailed statistics on this gorgeous babe and of course in this article there are a couple of contextual links that will take you to a specific website where she stars in live porn videos.


Body Details:
Height: 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm)
Weight: 129 lbs (59 kg)
Measurements: 34D-26-34
Hair: Brown/Black
Eyes: Brown

Personal Details:
Age: 27 years OLD
Date of Birth: June 13, 1983
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Birthplace: San Sebastian, Spain
Ethnicity: Spanish
Race: Causasian

Additional info:
Tattoos: None
Piercings: None
Aliases: Rebeca, Rebeca Linares
Started in 2005 at approx 22 years old
Fun Fact: Breasts augmented from B to D in June, 2010

I was absolutely standing on my head when I found out that she was signed up and ready to go to do live porn my favorite network that would be Cherry Spot, watching her spread her legs and sticking a 25 inch dildo up her ass is something that you have to see, she does it very often when she performs live, I love when she wears her sexy lingerie and strips down slowly, I love it when she reads out the names of viewers and members are typing in messages while she’s having sex, it’s an overall fantastic live show and this is something else that makes her the most popular Latina pornstar that there is an activity today.

Rebecca Linares Peels Off Plaid Panties

Rebeca Linares is beautiful outside in a plaid bra and panty set. The raven haired hottie looks radiant and flirtatious as she presents herself unabashedly to you. Rebeca enjoys the caress of fresh air over her flesh, so strips to be fully nude in the elements. The Spanish sex pot shows her perfect natural boobs and bald pussy. She squats down to the ground while balancing on high heels and reaching between her legs to spread her labia and show you her honey pot. See the full gallery inside of Twistys.


Rebecca Linares Spreads and Toys Outside in Stockings

Sensual Spaniard, Rebeca Linares, is a titillating treat posing in a red corset and white stockings for the folks over at Twistys. She is flawless as she presents her beauty to you – first in clothes and then without. She slowly pushes down her panties to reveal her bald pussy and exquisite ass. She then goes topless and is total perfection. She keeps her white thigh high stockings on as she spreads her pussy lips and drives her sex toy inside.


Rebeca Linares Hot Strip Out of Red Panties

Rebeca Linares is looking vibrant and young in this spectacular striptease gallery for Twistys. The exotic brunette wears sheer bra and panties along with colorful necklace strands and a bronze arm band. She has the kind of beauty that some might show up at a temple to worship with the hopes of the goddess materializing before them and blessing with one-on-one seduction. Rebeca takes off her bra to give you a look at her great natural boobs. She plays with a hand in her panties before peeling them away as well. The real heat ignites when she starts masturbating herself with a sex toy while you get to watch.


Rebecca Linares Fingers Her Bald Pussy

Spanish pornstar, Rebeca Linares, looks young and vibrant in these Twistys images. She dazzles in black lace lingerie and skimpy thong panties. She is a dark-eyed siren with a supple natural shape and a talent for erotic enchantment. The petite seductress will have you spellbound as she slowly strips and unveils her gorgeous naked body to you. She exposes her soft boobs and spreads open her bald cooch. She dips fingers inside and enjoys her moment of uninhibited pleasure.

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Rebeca Linares Sexy Secretary Office Masturbation

We doubt that you have ever met a real life secretary quite as hot and naughty as Spanish fox, Rebeca Linares. She transforms the Twistys office into a playground for self pleasure as she strips out of her work clothes and spreads her stocking clad legs to gain access to her aroused pussy. The horny brunette grabs at her perfect tits and then starts to toy her slick slit. She gives herself over to the orgasm fully while you get to drink up the view.


Rebeca Linares – – Live Porn Shows

Seen as she’s been doing a few shows here and there over at, has anyone gotten to see Pornstar Rebeca Linares doing her filthy act and live porn videos? I did for the second time yesterday evening, it was Live, it was sex, porn, filth, it was fucking amazing. Watching a woman fucking for nearly two hours non stop is totally fantastic, there is nothing like it on the web today, nothing really! Not even the paysites that offer digital porn videos or porn in 3D can even come close. Like I’ve already said in the past few months, this is Porn to the very next level, but a level that is so far up, nothing can come close at all!


Today the deal between Rebeca Linares, brings the most popular Latina pornstar together with the most popular and exclusive Live Porn Network. Something that a few months ago would have been unheard of, while today it is a solid reality and some great fucking news for all her fans. I’ve seen her in Live Porn Show action and I can only confirm what everyone are saying about her on the blogs and forums out there, that she is totally hot, and handles cock like very few others know how to do so!

Anyhow, I just popped in to let you know about her progress as becoming the number one Pornstars in the world, and I’m not saying that because I think she is, I’m saying that because its becoming a fact!

Rebecca one of the most famous live WebCam porn stars today

To be honest I speculate that it is actually the Live Pornstars shows business that she is in right now that has made her even more popular than she was, and if you consider before she even started making life porn videos she was incredibly famous and popular not only in Latin America but worldwide, then you can imagine how popular she has become today.

I watched a live performance of her a week ago, well it was around a week ago, and I have to say I was not expecting more than she gave, she actually gave a lot more than I was expecting in other words she was absolutely incredible, she first worked on herself for about 30 minutes and then for an hour and a half she took cock from two guys and didn’t stop even to take a breath the whole hour and a half.

rebeca linares cherrypimps

It was a stunning show, it was an incredible performance I can’t wait for her to do some more Live Porn and you can bet that I will be sitting in front row to watch it once again as she thoroughly deserves it and she is one of the very few that I know that can handle cock the way I exactly like it! I have particular tastes, and to be on the site not really into Latinas, not I have anything against them, I love them, but I into other, and I don’t want to get into it LOL, however she change my mind I absolutely love her.

rebeca linares cherry pimps

Obviously she is not the only Pornstar shows bitch that I like, I have 60+ favorites of my membership account and I have only watched 13 shows so far and missed over 700 shows, the shows are continuous porn stars just keep falling in and having sex life for all the hundreds of thousands of members that log on every day to watch them. This is not something new, I’ve spoken about it even on this blog at least once, but I I just wanted to give an update that say, on how things are over there and if you would like to jump on the wagon and check it out for yourself at no cost to you or to your pocket or to your bank account all whatever, then you know where to find I’ve linked to in this blog post mentioned in the title you’re good to go.

26 year old top pornstar Rebeca now live on webcam

I cannot hide the fact that Pornstar Rebeca Linares is fall one of my favorite adult models, the way she moves, the way that she looks, the way that she handles cock, practically everything that she does while she is on the set making a movie is absolutely perfect and who of you that has seen a few movies of hers, especially the latest ones you will know what I’m talking about and I am sure you will appreciate her as much as I do.

rebecca linares loves hersey highway fun

I appreciate Pornstars in first person may be because I have met Nellie every single one that I have reviewed, simply because it is my job as an editor to meet them at the various adult oriented shows such as the last one in Las Vegas Nevada where I had the opportunity to meet and interview set top porn stars famous and loved by millions all over the world. I can’t say that they will all how I expected them to be, but the majority of them were and I really did enjoy the company of these girls and also the guys as I interviewed many male porn stars as well, these are the guys that give that Dick to the girls in the movies that you watch and enjoy LOL.

But getting to the point is what I said in the title and that is Pornstars live on cam, that’s the whole new concept, you see, porn has just gone to the next level, it has moved not one step higher but a whole flight of stairs up and beyond any possible expectation, we now have porn stars that are having sex live on WebCam and it is being streamed on certain websites where as long as you have a basic membership you can watch all the shows that you want and though shows include exclusively and only famous and gorgeous porn stars just like Rebeca and many others as hot as her. Website is linked in this blog post, I prefer not to mention it but I have linked it. If you want to check it out and see what it’s all about then you know where to click and you know where it will take you, if you do experience it and enjoy it least feel free to come back and comment about it and let us know what your experiences were while you are visiting the website!

Rebeca Linares The Glamour Model

We always think of Rebeca Linares as a porn star that sometimes it’s hard to see her as a glamour model… But this time it looks like Rebeca Linares might just pull it off….

We love this outfit!

Rebeca-Linares-ass fucking 3

But you can still see that slutty side in Rebeca Linares…. She likes it fast and dirty and from behind – what porn star slut doesn’t?

Rebeca-Linares-ass fucking 2

And it also looks like Rebeca Linares might like some anal from time to time also! She sure does have a pretty ass!

Rebeca-Linares-ass fucking 1

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